Thoughtful Hill Designs
Wool Art, kits & Patterns
​​I am working to bring more of my designs both old and new to my etsy site. My favorite part is designing and sewing but writing patterns brings a fun challenge to my work as well. I hope you will bear with me as my site and patterns grow on etsy. I work on these at night (after my day job) which means at times the process is slow but  I hope you will find it worth the wait! Here is a glimpse of some of my patterns coming in the future (and some Designs I have to keep hidden from you until they arrive in future  Magazine publications)!! I will be offering kits for my magazine patterns as they are published. 

Kit and Pattern on Etsy


More Designs...  my hope is to turn some of these projects into patterns​ but sometimes a new idea comes up before I get to write the pattern!!


These are some projects I have done for others for their homes. I like to take elements from people's personal lives and make wallhangings or quilts that reflect their favorite things. Please feel free to inquire about custom work.