Wool Art, Kits, Patterns and Threads

                 ​Welcome to Thoughtful Hill Designs
My name is Anne Hardy and my creative passion is designing projects using wool fabric and threads as my medium.
I started out as an Art major when I first attended Seton Hill College but a year later changed my major to nursing where I finished my education at Duquesne University in beautiful Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I have had a wonderful and fulfilling career as a nurse, largely in Emergency Nursing and Management. I still work full time as a nurse but I have always loved art, design and creative pursuits with a special interest in needlework. In the late 1980's a friend and nursing co-worker introduced me to quilting  and it was then that fabric and later wool became one of my favorite mediums!! I am generally self taught and particularly love utilizing fabric to make a picture that tells a story. 
Applique' was always a favorite quilting technique of mine and in the early 1990's while visiting my aunt near Cleveland Ohio I bought two kits that contained wool applique and discovered not only the ease of working with wool but also the texture and definition that wool allows. In 2012, in honor of my parent's 50th anniversary, I decided to make my parents a special quilt, having been inspired by Joann Mullaly's book Wool Crazy. Initially I started to utilize her designs from the book but as I began to work, I decided to incorporate my own designs into the wool quilt that reflected my parent's years together and family events. This project subsequently inspired me to forge ahead on my further projects and designs.
I find inspiration in nature and the beauty of the northwestern Pennsylvania foothills of the Allegheny Mountains where I live but I am also inspired by travel and the events that make up life. (The house to the right is a whimsical version of my daughter Emily's first home in Pittsburgh while attending my alma mater! Duquesne University.)
I enjoy creating designs that tell a story or that evoke a happy memory.

I remain humbled and inspired by quilters, designers and quilt shop owners both physical and virtual who have fostered my passion and growth and who offer advice and encouragement.

A heartfelt thank you to my dear parents and sisters who always foster my creative endeavors with nothing but encouragement (and humor). 

Lastly I thank my children Joe and Emily and my husband Jeff for their love, support, encouragement and understanding as I pursue my artistic dreams. They are my true inspiration for their kindness, courage, wisdom and all things good!
Please contact me for questions about my designs or patterns.